A Six-Month Learning Journey for Changemakers

Ready to change your life and the world around you? Then apply for the Knowmads Program today.

by Nicole Winchell, January 31, 2017

Do you want to create your own education and learn about things that matter most to you? Do you want to find out what to do in life? Ready to create a living for yourself that is inspiring and meaningful? 

If your answer is ‘yes’, then read on. 

We live in crazy times. Our world is rapidly changing, offering both complex challenges as well as unprecedented opportunities. In this time of change, the world needs people who are brave, creative and not afraid to make mistakes - young professionals with the skills and mindset to navigate these wicked questions and create positive change. Knowmads is a creative business school based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with the mission to support and educate these changemakers. 

This is us.

So what do we do?

We offer a six month program that takes a tribe of 20 people on a learning journey around the five most important questions:

Who am I?

In what world do I want to live?

What do I want to contribute/change?

How do I create the organisation/ project to get it done?

How do I bring it into the world?

Students experience a minimum of 30 workshops, facilitated by external trainers and experts. They work on a personal project, their tribe project and a real-life project assignment with a company. Students are in school three days a week, the rest is for them to explore, kick-off their own projects, mess up, and start again. As a matter of fact, a lot is up to them: after the first month students co-create the program together with the staff.

Knowmads doesn't do exams or tests. We don’t give you the answers either: your answers are uniquely yours to discover. And the beautiful thing is, things only happen when you act... just like life.

You will have conversations with your fellow tribe members and receive 1-on-1 coaching. Ask new questions. Act. See things from a different perspective. Prototype. Get lost, go on a nature quest and find your way back. And you’ll share your learnings in half- term and final presentations. True moments of celebration. 


knowmads business school

We know it can be the scariest thing to go and follow your heart. Knowmads is not an easy program: it will both inspire and confront you. It will challenge you and support you. In doing so, it will give you a community of people you will call your tribe for the rest of your life.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for Tribe 15, 6 months starting March 6th 2017 is €3,950. Some additional travel costs may appear during the year. You will have to find and pay for your own accommodation and living costs.

Important Dates

First day Tribe 15 at Knowmads HQ: March 6th, 2017

The 6 month program spans over 7 months. During the 6 months (or 30 weeks), we will work together for 24 weeks at Knowmads HQ.


Tribe 15 is already shaping up really nice. Have a look at who are already in by following this link. All beautiful people. All in the right place. With nationalities ranging from over 4 continents and ages from 19 to 38. And there are still a few spots available.

So if you’re ready to change your life and the world around you? Then sign up as soon as possible because the start is getting near.

Apply now here! www.knowmads.nl 

We believe we need people who can shake the world, rock their life, and go out to do meaningful work. We are committed to offering a platform together with our students for them to grow, share and shine on the learning journey to becoming a changemaker. 
Welcome home.