Posting Guidelines 

The Changer publishes jobs and internships from NGOs, nonprofits, foundations, universities, think-tanks, social businesses and businesses with a positive social or environmental impact.

In addition, The Changer publishes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)  positions  from companies that do not have a proven negative social impact.

Before submitting a job listing to our website, please check that it meets the following criteria:

  • The job/internship is being offered by a nonprofit, NGO, foundation, university, think-tank, social business or a businesses with a positive social or environmental impact


       Is a CSR position at a company that does not have a negative social impact.

  •   The job/internship is fairly paid

The following job/internship ads will not published on The Changer:

  • Jobs/internships with an organization or business that have a negative impact on the environment and/or society – even if the job itself is in the field of sustainability or CSR

We understand that the world can’t simply be divided into good and bad. Social and environmental problems, as well as their solutions, are complex.

We will probably never all agree on what is "positive social change” and what is “negative". We try to publish job-postings that are as diverse as possible and trust our users to know what kind of job they would want to apply for or not. Nonetheless we remain true to our own ethical guidelines at all times.

If you are unsure whether your job is suitable or not, there is always our review principal. Go ahead and upload the listing - we review everything before publishing. If we do not publish your job listing, you will not be invoiced. 

Our decision to (not) publish a job is final. 

We thank you for your understanding.