We believe everyone should have access to top talent. That’s why The Changer helps small, nonprofit organizations find the best talent by providing an easy, transparent and cheap way for them to recruit.


If you’re a registered nonprofit organization with less than 5 full-time employees, you are eligible to redeem a free Good Karma job.

How it Works

The Changer gives away 4 free jobs per month.

In addition, other organizations and companies can purchase a Good Karma package, and in doing so, generate a free job listing for a smaller organization.

The more Good Karma packages purchased, the more free jobs are generated.

How To Redeem a Free Job Listing

If you meet the criteria above and would like to post a job for free on The Changer, just send us an email (jobs@thechanger.org) with your job listing attached and a short sentence describing your organization.

We will then notify you if your job has been posted!