Social Impact Careers Salary Survey 2016

Take part in our survey and help us create more transparency in the social impact sector!

by Naomi Ryland, November 21, 2016

A year ago, we were the very first people in Germany to ask: "How much do people earn in the social impact sector?". The results were fascinating and so many people wrote to thank us.  Up until then, very little information had been available on salaries in the social impact sector. In the minds of many, we were supposed to be do-gooders for one reason and one reason only, and that didn't have anything to do with money (clue: hearts). As such, the topic of money became a kind of celebrated taboo. 

Rumours and half-truths abound. Some of them prevent people from exploring careers in the sector, because they don't believe they can earn anything at all. Others throw the sector into a negative light by implying that CEOs of NGOs are all on banker-level salaries. But - above all - intransparency opens up the sector to exploitation. If you don't know what your peers are earning, how can you negotiate with your boss when they make you a measly offer?

What we do know, is that the social impact sector is extremely diverse - from international development to social work, foundations to renewable energies, there is no such thing as one single career or job profile in the social impact sector. With this survey, we would like to reflect that diversity even more so than last year, which is why we are so happy to have and Impact Hub Berlin onboard to help us expand our reach.

But this is where you come in, too. Please help us create transparency in the social impact sector by taking the survey and then sharing this page with your colleagues and friends on Facebook, Xing, Twitter and Linkedin.

"Time for more transparency in the social sector. Take the Social Impact Careers Salary Survey 2016!"

Only by working together in solidarity can we hope to create a fair and sustainable compensation structure in the social impact sector. 

Thank you!

You can complete the survey right here, or if you prefer, just click here