The Best Countries to Be a Social Entrepreneur 2016

What countries are doing the most to encourage growth in the social business sector?

by Nicole Winchell, September 16, 2016

Around the world, social entrepreneurship is taking hold. And yet, some countries are doing more than others in order to support innovative ways of doing business for good. 

Up until now, there has been little research and data available to see which countries are encouraging growth in the social business sector. That’s about to change! 

The Thomas Reuters Foundation has teamed up with Deutsche Bank and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network to conduct the world’s first expert study on the best countries for social entrepreneurs. 

So who came out on top? 

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Singapore
  5. Israel

Countries were ranked on a number of criteria, including government support, access to skilled talent, access to investment and public understanding. 

Curious who else made the top ten? The full results and findings can be found here.